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  • Best of AI-Generated Art (by

    15:00 at PoCo AI Lab

    Dive into the future of creativity with Best of AI-Generated Art collection, an exclusive showcase at our AI Lab. Discover a breathtaking collection of AI-generated masterpieces, from surreal landscapes to hyper-realistic portraits, each piece a fusion of technology and artistic vision. 

    Curated from the renowned platform, this segment highlights the limitless potential of AI in transforming artistic expression. Join us for an inspiring journey that blurs the lines between digital innovation and traditional artistry.

  • AI-Generated Short Films of Today (by Curious Refuge)

    17:00 at PoCo AI Lab

    Step into the world of cinematic innovation with AI-Generated Short Films of Today collection curated by Curious Refuge. This captivating segment of our exhibition showcases an exceptional collection of short films, each created with the power of artificial intelligence. 

    Experience a diverse array of narratives all brought to life through AI's transformative capabilities. Curated by the visionary team of Curious Refuge, these films not only push the boundaries of storytelling but also offer a glimpse into the future of filmmaking. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the heart of AI-generated cinema, where technology and creativity converge to redefine the art of filmmaking.

  • Virtuoso Visions: The AI-Generated Music Video Experience

    16:00 at Poco AI Lab

    Discover Virtuoso Visions, where AI-generated music videos take center stage. This captivating exhibit within our AI Art Exhibition blends cutting-edge technology with musical creativity, showcasing a diverse collection of videos that push the boundaries of art and imagination. 

    Experience the future of music video production through AI's lens, and immerse yourself in a world where technology harmonizes with art in mesmerizing ways. Virtuoso Visions is a celebration of innovation, offering a unique visual and auditory journey unlike any other.

  • 360° Visions: Art, Nature, and Beyond in VR

    17:30 at PoCo AI Lab

    Dive into "360° Visions: Art, Nature, and Beyond in VR," where art, natural wonders, and exotic places come alive through immersive 360-degree VR videos. Don your VR glasses and be instantly transported to explore digital art spaces, breathtaking landscapes, and more. 

    This journey offers a unique blend of visual exploration and virtual reality, providing an unparalleled experience of discovery and awe. Perfect for those eager to explore new worlds without leaving their seat, "360° Visions" invites you on a virtual odyssey like no other.

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